Journal 1

It’s the first week of my Summer 2022, the term with VY223, which is also my first full online term. Fully online gives more challenging with some advantages. For example, I could read more times in the chat box rather than just listen to others’ works one time.

There are many reasons why I take this class as an engineering student.

First, I think there are no conflicts between engineering and creative writing. Let me provide some conditions that it helps. This week, the Student Science and Technology Innovation Association of JI, cooperating with other institutes, organized a competition in computer programming. Instead of just giving definitions directly, we need to use a story to make them up to help to understand.

Also, I need HU course credits. So I chose many classes in the first and the second round of course selection because there were much more people who want to have HU classes than the maximum limits, so I selected many classes to increase the chance that I could get one HU class. Luckily, I caught VY223 from other candidates.

During the third round, I received many emails, telling me that some courses had empty seats to select. However, I didn’t drop VY223 for its first experience, in which I followed the instruction to finish a short story. The process, that writing sentences to build a grotesque universe without thinking of detailed logic relations at first and then adding details to fill the story, lured me in immediately.

For me, a person who prefer science fiction and detective novels, a good idea is the soul of a story. For example, Around the World in Eighty Days written by Jules Verne is a story about a debt that whether one can travel around the world in eighty days. The best point I think is that after failing to come back to London on time, they surprisingly got one more day thanks to the time zone. Points like that make a story good because it will never let you down at the end of the story with many hints through the story.
For a short story, like the one we make in the first class, a clear aim should be given to the main character which could lead to the development of the story and keep the readers’ will to explore what will happen or why something happened. What’s more, not like stories that have more space to introduce the background at the beginning of the story, short stories can give hints about the world during the actions of the main character that leave enough space for the readers to have their own understanding.

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John died.

Mr. Smith opened his diary with a strong sense of curiosity, wondering what made him stir the city for a month. Reading John’s diary, Smith believed he knew what happened.

Everything started two months ago which was the time John started his diary by his self-introduction “As one of the young individuals who had just graduated as a doctor in 2050, full of hope in life, John, the writer, is sitting behind the screen, with his hands flying above the keyboard.”, followed by his recalling what his parents told him when he was young.

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  有的CPU空闲的人即刻读取执行,趁其他人的卡顿冲入食堂,只留给后来者一条巨龙;有的人修改优先级,拿下了最后的夜宵;也有的人慢慢悠悠关闭电源,遁入黑暗中,在校园的隧道里穿梭,或重回光明,或重现于黑暗中以机械波代 that of 电磁会友。那些配置差,系统加载错的人就惨了,程序直接从内存中抹除了。十余分钟后,当最后的答疑结束,负荷逐渐降低,查看日志时,惊叫:惨了,书包还在教室里。











I want to write down what I experienced this weekend about booking a bus. A computer programming contest will be held on a campus of USST, which is in the northeast of Shanghai, at 9 a.m. and many JI students are willing to take part in it and thus it is decided to book a bus for students to come there. I was assigned to book the bus of SJTU’s logistics department.

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  首先考虑异或操作的特性,可以交换,所以不妨考虑 $a \geq b \geq c$的情况。随后根据三个数字异或为0,不难看出每一位的异或结果都是0。这也就是说每一位的三个数字只有两种可能,2个1一个0或三个0。不难知道a的首位一定是1,所以另外两个数字在此处必为一1一0。可由此用反证法证明3个数必不相等:

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New and Old

More and more technology is appearing. They changed the world greatly. For example, human’s head circumference is increasing in recent years (Grossman, Richard 1304). One guess is that because of the increasing usage of caesarean, the pelvis shape of women will not affect the newborn’s head circumference and thus those who have large head could also birth (Fischer, Barbara, and Philipp Mitteroecker 5658).

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