关于|About me& my site


关于我|About me

求学经历|Study experience


小学|Primary school

  • 上海市虹口区第四中心小学 2008-2013
    Shanghai Hongkou No.4 central primary school, from 2008 to 2013

初中|Junior high school

  • 上海民办杨浦凯慧初级中学 2013-2017
    KaiHui Junior High School(No official English name is found.), from 2013 to 2017

高中|Senior high school

  • 上海交通大学附属中学闵行分校 2017-2020
    High School Affiliated To Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Minhang Branch, from 2017 to 2020

Gaokao (College Entrance Examination) elective courses are physics, geography and biology.


  • 上海交通大学密西根学院 2020-?
    University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI), from 2020 to …

继续中|To be continued

竞赛经历|competition experiences

小学三年级接触 Logo,接着很快是 Pascal 及之后的并学 Scratch,初三断了一个学期,到高中开始为 C++(认真阶段),但是高二上拿完 noip 省一后被迫学英语,整个高中就基本没有再碰了。初高中阶段信息学相关奖拿了一些,希望大学可以继续吧到大学蓝桥杯的时候只会点暴力了拿个省一,没了没了。
Know programming by Logo when I was in my primary school in Grade Three, and then I started to learn Pascal as well as Scratch soon later together. There was a gap term in Junior Three and after Zhongkao (Senior High School Entrance Examination), I continued to learn C++ seriously, but after getting the first prize of noip I was forced to abandon it and turned to learn English. Having got some prizes during my high school life, I wish I can continue in the university.

追星经历|Being a star chaser

I pick up YANG CHAOYUE freely, but do not take part in fandom, starting after Produce 101 when I was watching Roast! (a talk show in China). Before that, I had knew some idols and groups but had not chased them.

名字由来|Name story

  • 静静

    原来的名字是我真名的谐音组词,为宁静王子,在印象中小学就有了这个名字。在高中的时候某同学问可不可以叫我静静,我觉得蛮好的,于是我就改了。但是头像上还是之前的 NJWZ,没有改。
    The history name was based on a similar pronunciation of my real name, which is Ning Jing Wang Zi. It had been my name since my primary school life in my memory. During my senior high shool life, a classmate asked me whether I could be called JINGJING, and I think it would be a great idea. So I changed it to JINGJING, but what in my logo is still NJWZ.

  • wznmickey

    wzn 是我真名的拼音开头,mickey 是我的英文名,好像是我小学的时候老师给的。
    “wzn” is the combination of the first letter of my real name in pinyin (the official romanization system for Standard Chinese). “mickey” is my English name, which may be given by my teacher when I was in primary school.

向我提问|Ask me

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其他地方的我|Me elsewhere

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关于本站|About my site

Matrix (暂时关闭|temporally closed)

If you want to sign up in my server, please contact me. It in not a free signing up service now, so please contact me to sign up in the server.
My account is @[email protected]

Fediverse (暂时关闭|temporally closed)


短博(已关闭)|Short Blog(closed)

You can find something which is hard to be organized as an article here, including life experiences, crazy ideas and opinions.

旧版本|History https://shuoshuo.wznmickey.com 停止更新 STOP UPDATING


You can find some tools.


There are various works I photoed, designed or participated in.


一开始是为了发 oi 题解,然而自己太菜,于是就发生活内容和作业水了。
Firstly, I wanted to share my codes of OI problems, but because I’m inexperienced, now I post my life experiences and have my homework to write posts.


访问http://web.archive.org/web/*/wznmickey.com 查看历史网页。
visit http://web.archive.org/web/*/wznmickey.com to see the history of my site.

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